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What People Are Saying

I highly recommend Z-Know Computing Solutions!

If you work with any kind of database Gary can help. Quickbooks? MySQL? Access? Excel? CMS? Spreadsheets? No problem! Gary is a database master and specializes in automating routine tasks with the click of a button.

Gary’s expertise has helped me and many of my clients save hundreds of hours by automating routine tasks. If you want to free up some of your time working in spreadsheets contact Gary for a custom, cost effective solution.

Tasha Knight

Web Design by Knight

In 2008 Gary built a custom Excel spreadsheet for my manufacturing business.  It was very complicated.  The spreadsheet transformed my business.   It cut our design/build time in half. Over ten years later, the spreadsheet is still in use exactly how he coded it.  He hasn’t had to change anything.  I highly recommend his services – his attention to detail and his knowledge were invaluable.

Matt Courtney

Broadview Screen

Gary Sibbitts w/Z-KNOW Computing Solutions has been an incredible help with my QuickBooks! I just can’t thank him enough! He showed me how to change a couple templates and wow, it has been so helpful! I use these daily, so the time he has saved me is priceless! We are proud to call you our new ‘Computer Applications Programming and Support’ Sponsor! Thank you Gary Sibbitts!

Beth Wideman, VP Finance

Kirkwood Des Peres Chamber of Commerce

I highly recommend Gary Sibbitts of Z-KNOW Computing Solutions. Gary has helped our company RDR Investments LLC since 2017. He took over the development and support for a custom Access program and has in the process improved the speed and ease of its use dramatically. He has taken the time to understand our business processes and then used his substantial computer experience to automate many of them.  He is always helpful and a real problem solver.  I would be happy to speak with any business that is considering hiring him.

Steve Singer


Gary is a great resource for making logical, sound and pragmatic IT recommendations and decisions. I found his counsel to be honest, forthright and challenging. He always put the needs of the business first with elegantly simple solutions. Not only a great resource, but a great business confidant.

Jon Schroeter

Supply Chain Professional

Just a few words to you to say we are really pleased with the app that you programmed for us.  We can’t tell you how much time you have saved us and you made it so easy for us to do also!  The EASY BUTTON was a clever touch and makes it fun!  We wish we would have done this sooner.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Matt Christ, Technical Support Manager

Gary has been providing software solutions to our company for the past 5 years. His program connecting our existing systems have simplified our process and made vast improvements in efficiency, productivity and accuracy. Besides the immediate cost-savings, the long-term benefits allowed us to be more competitive and appealing to new customers. We look forward to continuing our relationship as our business grows.


Teresa Takagi, VP Operations
Metro Medical Equipment & Supply, Inc.

I have worked with Gary for over 10 years and he has always come through for any project we have asked him to complete. He is an expert at looking at Databases old or new and manipulating them to do whatever we need them do. We always rely on Gary, and we like knowing we can always count on him!

Trey Wroth, Owner


I had the opportunity to work with Gary for over a year on a number of projects, and found that his knowledge, his understanding of the issues we were trying to work through at the company, his ability to question and get at the root of the problem, and his creative thinking, contributed significantly to getting a number of projects done. Anyone who has the need to hire a talent such as Gary should do so, and experience the results.

Michael Lohff, Controller

Scrubs & Beyond